Pickups and Deliveries

Pickups and Deliveries in the Wisconsin Rapids Area

Deliveries and Pickups are performed upon approval and only during business hours. In most cases, should you need to make alternative arrangements to pick up your rental, power equipment, or parts, please call us @ 715-423-5930 and let us know how we can help you better?

Please contact us should you not be or not plan to be at home or your business at the time of your Pickups and Deliveries

Pickup and Deliveries for Rentals is Wisconsin Rapids

No Trailer Needed

*Delivery charges within 5 (five) miles (without) trailers $35.00

Trailer Needed

*Delivery charges within 5 (five) miles (with)trailers $35.00 plus trailering cost. Please Call with details of your pickup/delivery.

Call Steve’s @ 715-423-5930 to schedule your Pickups and Deliveries Today!